define your specific needs and goals

We work closely with you, evaluating your goals, your current and potential customers, and then help you develop your marketing plan. With your overall strategy in hand, the basic designs are developed.

identify opportunities in the marketplace

What will work? What will be a waste of time or resources? Our expertise can not only save you from making costly errors, but can point you to the best, most cost-effective marketing for your products.

apply creative services

Once your needs are defined and the marketplace has been examined, our creative team comes up with the initial designs. Typically, we present one or two fully developed concepts, since we've already evaluated which designs are most likely to be successful.

refine the campaign

The design concept is ready. Now we refine the concept with input from the client, to determine which areas need improvement, and which areas are complete. It's important in this stage to achieve client satisfaction without taking the edge off the design, or diluting the message.

taking the final steps

Whether the final product is print, web, or interactive, we keep a close eye on consistence and repitition. McClearen Design ensures that your message comes through in every photograph and illustrations, for every published piece of your ad or promotional campaign.

what makes it work

Clients interact with us. We work with you one-on-one , throughout the creative process. So your message doesn't get lost in the shuffle,